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Genomics and Epigenetics: New Tools for Promoting Family Legacy

Imagine a seemingly healthy 35-year-old family member assumes the CEO position of a core global family enterprise. On the second day of his tenure, he sustains a cardiac arrest and dies immediately. Could the risk of his tragic death have been mitigated using currently available actionable DNA medical science of genomics?

The answer is resoundingly yes.

This article was written for, and published by, &Simple, on January 21, 2021.

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I Donated My DNA to Help Stop the Coronavirus

Genetics may help us answer critical questions to the infinite mysteries about the novel virus which causes Covid-19: who is most vulnerable to infection, who may be resistant, who is most susceptible to fatality, who may respond to particular medications, and who carries the virus without symptoms. But individuals who volunteer their DNA for analysis must be protected against discrimination, denial of medical insurance, and loss of employment opportunities.

This article was written for, and published by, Medium, OneZero, on March 20, 2020.

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What Does Madonna Know About Her Genes That You Don’t? Genomics and Its Impact on Families of Wealth

When Madonna performs, she reportedly engages a sterilization team to sweep, mop and wipe every surface of her dressing room, so that no trace of her DNA is left for surreptitious analysis, cloning or experimentation. Hacking portends the specter of a black market which will trade in valuable genetic information about prominent individuals and families. Is Madonna paranoid? Or smart? You decide...

This article was written for Horizons: Family Office & Investor Magazine, published by Opalesque, March 20, 2020.

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The science of genomics is progressing at an exponential rate

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