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Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing: Not So Little White Lies

"Direct-to-consumer genetic tests are rife with over-promise, hype and potential to harm. Whole genome sequencing offers a safer, superior alternative technology to understand our genes. Genomics bodes an extraordinary future with elimination of malignant disease, enhanced health and well-being, and healthy longevity, but it is not without risks and challenges. There is wonder in our genes. Let us get to know them with the respect they, and we, deserve."

an article written for, and published by, THE AGEIST.

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DNA Testing and Families Of Wealth

Dr. Stangler is cited in the following article, "DNA Testing and Families Of Wealth", written by Francois Botha, published in Forbes on 1.31.20. She focuses on inherent medical inaccuracies in direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing and their egregious privacy violations, of special concern to families of wealth. Nonetheless, understanding one's genes holds great value. Whole genome sequencing is offered as an infinitely superior alternative, a highly regulated medical service with legal standards ensuring accuracy, safety and far better privacy. Ultimately, sequencing is but only the first step in a what will be an extraordinary lifelong genetics journey.

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AI and Genomics: The Future is Today

Like AI, genomics is disruptive technology with profound personal and professional implications, and uniquely so for families and systems of wealth. While we are inundated on a daily basis about dramatic promises of genomics for the future, especially as they relate to eradication of malignant disease, creation of designer babies and extreme longevity, many fail to appreciate the extent to which we have already invited genomics into our lives.

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Longevity: Not a Zero-Sum Game

It is the best of human nature to courageously venture into new worlds. But for every advance, there must be counterbalance to neutralize challenges. The finite resources of our new world of longevity can become infinite if all ages collaborate to grow wisdom, experience and compassion beyond years.

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