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Crime, Punishment and Football at Penn State

To the Sports Editor of the New York Times:
Although the N.C.A.A. punishment is significant in terms of financial repercussions for Penn State, a critical question is whether such consequences serve the most constructive purpose.

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In Defense of Antidepressants

To the Editor of The New York Times:
Dr. Procci’s advice is for the depressed patient to identify the ethical caregiver. That is not so simple in a medical care system that denies access, limits complex consultation and rewards technology and procedures.

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Heart Disease and Depression: A Critical Link

To the Editor of The New York Times:
"More Americans Seeking Help for Depression” addresses an emerging understanding of the two-way relationship between heart disease and depression. We know that depression occurs as a complication in 25 percent of heart attack victims; depression is also associated with a profoundly negative cardiac course, tripling or quadrupling the rate of heart attack recurrence and cardiac death.

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Answering Cries for Help: Guest Editorial in the Seattle Times

Answering Cries for Help
Guest Editorial in the Seattle Times

Carol M. Ostrom’s front-page story about Martha Silano, Langdon Cook and their baby boy, Riley, was deeply disturbing. The aftermath of Group Health Cooperative’s refusal to reimburse the majority of medical treatment for Silano’s devastating postpartum psychosis has produced a sad irony. This family demonstrates far more intelligence, generosity and courage than the system of care that refused to support their medical treatment.

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